In order to create what we really want in our lives we need our power. As I see it AUTHENTIC POWER comprises of the following:

RESPONSIBILITY: Taking control of your life. Your life is your responsibility. No other person can live your life and know what is best for you, only you can. It is your choice how you live your life.

SELF-ESTEEM: Believing that you deserve the best and feeling good enough. Your self-esteem depends on how much you love yourself and what kind of a relationship you have to yourself. The love towards yourself will also reflect in your relationships to other people.

SELF-CONFIDENCE: Having the courage to follow your heart and your dreams. Your self-confidence is how much you believe in your own abilities, talents and what you are capable of.

BALANCE: Feeling inner peace and being able to relax in yourself. Holding yourself, your thoughts and emotions and finding inner balance. When you do that you will also find balance in your outer circumstances.

PURPOSE: Having a sense of meaning of your life. Only you can define what gives you and your life meaning. What is true for you. It is when you have a feeling of why you are here. It can be small as well as big things that give you meaning. The most important is that you know the meaning.

All these components contribute to a sense of authentic power. When you feel your natural inner power it will contribute to your feeling more whole, and consequently feeling more HAPPINESS and contentment in your life.

It does not matter in what areas of your life you have challenges, whether it is in your professional or personal life. You have to start the change with yourself on the inside, because that's what you have primarily control of. It's about getting conscious about yourself and working from the inside and out. Your inner personal transformation will then affect your life on the outside: the choices you make and how you relate to different situations and relationships in your life.

I'm not saying it's easy and it just happens from one day to the other. We work on these things throughout our lives more or less. Sometimes we just need help and guidance so that we can speed up the process.

With love,
Barbara Szorad